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【トルコ・ナウ 経済悪化とシリアでの軍事行動 】English follows after Japanese

トルコの4〜6月期の GDPは前年同期比マイナス1.5%。3四半期連続のマイナスだ。インフレ率は15%を超し、物価高で消費が低迷している。



アメリカとの軋轢も高まる。七月にロシアの対空防衛システム S-400の搬入が始まり、アメリカは次期戦闘機 F-35の共同生産からトルコを除外した。NATO諸国からの反発も強まる。


【 トルコ・ナウ  経済悪化とシリアでの軍事行動 】English follows after Japanese




シリア民主軍には、 IS掃討でアメリカなどと協力してきたクルド人が含まれる。





【 Today’s Turkey 】

The GDP of Turkey grew -1,5% in the second quarter in 2019. The negative growth is the third consecutive terms.
Inflation rate is as high as 15% and the consumption is week.

Erdogan has tried hard to keep the economy grow by irrational stimulus for long, however, both public and private investment fell by 22,8%.
It is now clear this measure will not work any longer.

Jobless youth rate is 23.2% and the social unrest could happen easily.

【 トルコ・ナウ  経済悪化とシリアでの軍事行動 】English follows after Japanese

The conflict with the US is getting more serious.
Some part of the Russian missile defense system S-400 has delivered to Turkey in July.
This movement incurred the distrust of the members of NATO.
The US omitted Turkey from the joint production plan of F-35 fighter jets.

Trump has not decided which way to move, despite some law makers assert the US should punish Turkey, such as the committee of foreign affairs in the congress.

Putin is making use of the occasion to shake NATO.
Russia is offering to sell Su35, even mentioning the joint production.
Turkey wants to establish arms industry of itself and is attracted by the offer.

On the other hand, the triangle corporation of Turkey, Russia and Iran in Syria is now changing its shape.
Turkey, which supports anti-Assad government, seems to be isolated in Syria while Assad regime is becoming more powerful.


Although the US agreed to establish safe zone along the border with Turkey in early August, the US Defense Minister criticized the movement of Turkey to plan unilateral military attack to the SDF, which include Kurdish militia, who worked with the US to diminish IS’s power in Syria. Esper asserted, “Such military attack is not Acceptable at all”.

Turkey is now piling troops and arms along the border and appealing Turkish military will start a new operation toward the River Euphrates.

Turkey complained that 3 were killed and 12 were injured by the airstrike near Idlib in northern Syria on the 19th. The Assad regime is accusing that Turkish convoy was crossing the border with arms and ammunition and it was against the international law.

Tukey defended that it has reported the move to Russia, which apparently did not protect Turkish movement.

Russia, the US, Turkey, Iran… all players are still in chaos in Syria.
The one more thing makes me concerned is the fact that ISIS are coming back in Syria and Iraq again.


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